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Grand Commandery Committees 2018-2019

BUDGET & FINANCE:  John T. Parsons, Chairman; Ronald Grass, Jay Speck.

CHARTERS & DISPENSATIONS: Steven C. Smith I, Chairman; Donald Rife, Jeffrey Coleman.

CODIFICATION OF THE LAW: Don Monnette, Chairman; Keith Herbster, Jay Speck.

CREDENTIALS: Frank Smutny, Chairman; Carl Highman, David Shaw.

DECEASED TEMPLARS: Kenneth Bunnell, Chairman; Joseph Charbonneau, Tim Peters.

DISTINGUISHED GUESTS: John Parsons, Chairman; Edgar Bredemeier, Jay Speck.

DOINGS OF GRAND OFFICERS: Lucian C. Smith, Chairman; David Shaw, Brett Bennett.

GRAND TACTICS OFFICER: Anthony Johnson, Walter Johnson, Edward Nolte, Harry Waggener.


HOLY LAND PILGRIMAGE: Frank Borden, Chairman; Kenneth Bunnell, L. Cecil Smith.

JURISPRUDENCE: Frank Borden, Jr., Chairman; Jay Speck, John Parsons, Don Monnette, Don Rife

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR EDUCATION FOUNDATION: Gary Bunnell, Chairman; Steven Barchus, Jeffrey Coleman.

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR EYE FOUNDATION: Frank Borden, Chairman; Dennis Newman, LaVern Work II.

MEMBERSHIP: Lucian Smith, Chairman; Dennis Newman, William Stone.

PATRIOTIC ACTIVITIES: Anthony Johnson, Chairman; George McMullin, Ed Raper.

PERPETUAL LIFE MEMBERSHIP: James Carlton, Chairman; Donald Rife, Frederick Way, Jr.

PUBLICITY: Daniel Marr, Chairman; Jonathan Paz, Dennis Newman.

REVIEW OF TEMPLAR PROCEEDINGS: Dennis Newman, Chairman; Bruce Anderson, Michael Jones.

TRIENNIAL: John Parsons, Chairman; James Karnegis, Steven C. Smith I.

YORK RITE COOPERATION: Lucian Smith, Chairman; David Shaw, Brett Bennett.